acire design started as an idea I, Erica, had in college to register a unique domain that I could do whatever I wanted with. The domain has gone through many changes, and so have I. This version is by far the most colorful, and well, the best it has looked in the many years I have had it.

I am costantly evolving, and so are my offerings. I can do anything under the sun when it comes to graphic design. Anything from logos to photography to websites. I graduated from DMACC with an associates in Commercial Art, and while that just got me the start to the life and career I built, it was likely the single best decision I've ever made as far as deciding what to do with my life.

Since college, I have worked primarily at two companies, first doing print design for 3 1/2 years, and now currenly doing website design, which I have been doing for almost 6 years.

As much as I love website design, I decided that I needed to fill in a creative void. I needed to get out and meet new people. Breathe in some fresh air! Natuallly I started with hitting up faimly members for photography sessions. When that proved successful, I started to market myself a little more.

But with me, I am never satisfied. So gradually, I starting to promote myself as a wedding photographer. The weddings I have shot have been exhausting, but so worth the time I get to spend with my brides and thier families. I go away from each session with a feeling that I have been able to make someone else's life a little less stressful that day with my humor and easy going attitde.

I am always looking for interesting people to connect with, so if you are interested in learning more about me, drop me an email.

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working out of Indianola, Iowa, but can reach as far as around the world